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  • Age: 50
  • Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Family man Ross has his roots firmly planted in Alberta, but has explored the world as well, first as a young child living in New Zealand with his family, and later in the Navy. Growing up in small town Alberta he loved to do all the classic Canadian activities: hockey, dirt-biking and camping with his family. A class clown, Ross got by in school but didn’t put as much time into his studies as he did into hockey.

After school, Ross spent thirteen years in the Navy, followed by studies in accounting, working in a bank and eventually working for the government. He raised his family in Edmonton, and now has three nearly adult children, of 20, 18, and 16. One of his greatest passions is travel, exploring all over Canada and around the world with his family. His mother was originally from New Zealand, so that is a regular stop on his adventures.

Ross is blunt, outspoken and opinionated. He believes specialty groups lobbying for their own needs are the biggest problem that Canada faces. While he feels all Canadians have a right to be who they are and have their own beliefs, they also shouldn’t flaunt their differences into everyone else’s face. Ross holds his beliefs strongly, believing that hard work and classic Canadian values are the key to success, and expecting anyone who has the opportunity to live in Canada to feel the same.