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  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: Ingersoll, ON

Country-born and bred, Jamie-Sue loves big trucks and small-town Canada but she defies any stereotypes that go along with country life with her open-mindedness and compassionate nature. Growing up on a farm in Chatham, running down the dirt road to her grandparents’ farm next door, she formed a love for nature, particularly animals, that continues to this day, evidenced by the four rescue pets she cares for.

A balance of the left and right sides of her brain, Jamie-Sue excelled in both accounting and art while in school. Post-high school she partied her way through college until it was time for reality to set in. After a nudge from her mother she went to work at a car manufacturing plant, a job she’s now been with for thirteen years. One of the advantages of the role has been the opportunities it has given her to travel, including moving to Mississippi for seven months for a job, exposing her to a whole new world of music and food.

Outside of her work life one of Jamie-Sue’s hobbies is painting, which she’s had an interest in since childhood. She traces this back to her father, a talented wood-worker. Travel is another passion, although many destinations remain on her bucket list. A huge Seattle Sea Hawks fan, one of her dreams is to travel to Seattle to see her favourite team play.

One of Jamie-Sue’s defining characteristics is her empathy. Optimistic by nature, she loves that Canada is geared towards helping others; be it equal pay or the programs that encourage women to enter trades, she loves that there is opportunity for growth for all. She feels, however, that the country could do much more to help its most marginalized communities, like those suffering from addiction or mental health issues. She believes we are only as good as the way we treat those most in need.