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  • Age: 65
  • Hometown: Ardrossan, AB

Donald has spent his whole life based in Alberta. He grew up in a close-knit community, and still has several of the same friends he went to school with as a child. After high school he studied business at the University of Alberta, and ventured into sales afterwards. That path didn’t stick forever; his career has been varied, with turns in teaching, entrepreneurship and truck driving.

His passions include flying airplanes, a hobby he shared with his father and brother. He eventually got his commercial pilots license and taught flying for several years until a physical limitation forced him to stop. Another hobby-turned-job was scuba diving, for which he was certified, and taught at the University of Alberta for thirty years.

He and his wife didn’t have children, and enjoy travelling the world together, minus the flying in uncomfortable planes. His life has had many twists and turns, and now he takes pleasure in exploring further afield, and getting a chance to visit the places around the world he’s seen on TV and the movies.

Donald is proud to consider himself honest, with a strong work ethic and integrity. In his childhood he has been told he was a bit of a bully, but hasn’t been in a fistfight since he was 9 years old, and is now more likely to stop a fight than start one. He does consider himself vocal, and not afraid to speak his mind. An opinionated conservative, he considers the freedom to live in a safe, clean place without war and suffering the best thing about Canada. He feels that Canada’s worst problem is the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his focus on diversity.