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  • Age: 35
  • Hometown: Mississauga, ON

A Croatian Canadian, Brennen was born and raised in Mississauga, ON, where he currently resides. He grew up playing baseball and attending summer camp. He is deeply connected to his Croatian heritage and has a tightly knit family. He loves to spend time with his sister and parents.

Brennen has a successful career in sales and a passion for music and acting that shines through in his hobbies. For nearly eight years, he has hosted a podcast, that is nearing its 100th episode, focusing on Canadian techno music. He has also released his first short film that he wrote and produced. During Brennen’s free time, he enjoys watching comedies, follows hockey and the Croatian national football (soccer) team, along with Croatian players that are playing across Europe. On the weekends he often spends time at the Croatian Park enjoying traditional food and beverages. He has a cat named “Winston” who he thinks is very nice.

Brennen is outspoken, loyal, honest, and is known for being a jokester. He loves to tease his friends and family in his own silly, endearing manner. Brennen straddles political lines; he feels strongly about LGBTQ+ rights, housing and health care, and believes in being fiscally conservative. He considers himself a person who is helpful and treats people with respect.